The Heart is the Center of Life: if the Heart is confused and restless also the Mind will suffer. Through our Mindfulness Meditation student and Meditation techniques, the Heart will find the state of inner calm and peace, first step for Well-Being.

True Word

"The sound of the Gion Shōja bells echoes the impermanence of all things." Heike Monogatari
With our informal practice of Mindfulness and Meditation techniques the student can learn to realize and maintain the Here-and-Now state of mind during daily activities.


Our Body is the Seal of the Universe, it is not separated from our Heart and our Mind: when one of them is suffering, also the others two will suffer. With our course in Martial Arts of Taijutsu, the student will train the body and learns to move it according different feelings and emotions.

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Mindfulness - Martial Arts - Meditation

Accord Heart with Mind, Body and Actions to unveil the Life

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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is being engaged in each moment. The Mindfulness Meditation reduces anxiety, burnout, anger and rumination, teaches how understand and accept ourself and others, helps to quit addictions and increase the Well-Being.

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  • Mindfulness for Mamas
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    Informal Practices

    The Informal Practice of Mindfulness brings the Here-and-Now state of Mind in everyday activities while Far East and Western Meditation Techniques helps students discovering real Well-Being.

    Ninpo Taijutsu Amsterdam and Nijmegen courses

    Martial Arts

    Courses in traditional Taijutsu of Gyokko-ryū kosshijutsu and Kotō-ryū koppōjutsu, Schools called Iga-ryū. Training sessions included also high intensity workout, self-defense and modern applications.

    Martial Arts Amsterdam and Nijmegen Courses

    Holistic Method

    Our approach is holistic and multisystemic supporting and facilitating your development, customized on your needs in Mindfulness, Martial arts and Meditation private lesson for single and small groups.

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    Courses in English

    We are based in Amsterdam and Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and we conduct courses in Amsterdam, Almere and Nijmegen. All of our courses, lessons and sessions are taught in English language, but any other language speaking is welcome.

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    All of our courses, lessons and sessions are customized on the student, and are conducted in private or in a small groups archiving the best results.

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    Oaks are the columns of our temple, Heart is our homeland, be Mindful is our freedom